Neighborhood Preservation

The Public Nuisance and Property Abatement Team's work keeps Lakewood safe and looking beautiful. For questions, please call 562-866-9771, extension 2140.

The City of Lakewood’s Public Nuisance and Property Abatement Team is comprised of a special assignment officer, city code enforcement officers and a city prosecutor. Since 1999, they have worked together to identify and “clean-up” nuisance single or multiple housing units and businesses that are creating a haven for criminal activities, that are unsightly or disturbing the peace and safety of Lakewood neighborhoods.

Using Lakewood Municipal Codes, the code enforcement officers are able to help residents and business owners improve the look of their property. The city’s municipal code sets standards to keep Lakewood property values high and looking aesthetically pleasing. Often property owners are unaware of municipal codes or do not value their importance. Some of the most common property code violations are:

  • Unsightly or deficient exterior building materials, like peeling paint or missing surface materials
  • Litter or debris in public view
  • Garage conversions
  • Additions/alterations made to property without a building permit
  • Businesses operating out of homes without a permit
  • Inoperative vehicles parked anywhere other than the garage
  • Accessory structures such driveway canopies
  • Parking vehicles on the front lawn
  • Inadequate ground cover
  • Overgrown vegetation that may be unsightly to neighbors or dangerous to public safety
  • Trash cans in the parkway before 4 p.m. on the day before pick-up or left in the parkway 12 hours after pick-up

These municipal code violations are handled by the city code enforcement officers and are easy to fix by simply cleaning up the property to bring it up to code standards. Should criminal activity be occurring at the location, the Sheriff’s Department and city prosecutor are there to put a stop to it and prosecute accordingly.