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Deputies honored by city council

Deputies honored by city council

Two Lakewood Sheriff’s Deputies who have staffed a special “Burglary Suppression Car” with impressive results the past few months were recently honored by the Lakewood City Council at a community-wide Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Deputies Scott Simpkins and Christopher Cadman have made over 80 arrests the past four months targeting areas of the city that had seen a recent spike in burglaries. Photo: Deputy Simpkins is next to Council Member Ron Piazza on the left, and Deputy Cadman is next to Vice Mayor Todd Rogers on the right.

The deputies’ dedicated “burglary suppression car” was an added boost to public safety made by the City Council after burglaries and auto thefts rose last year. The city also increased its outreach to residents on ways to make their homes and vehicles safer from property crime. And Lakewood’s over 400 Neighborhood Watch groups are being encouraged to meet and communicate more frequently.

There’s evidence of positive results, with burglaries down 29% and auto thefts down 26% so far this year.

“On behalf of the residents of Lakewood and our city council, thank you very much for doing such a good job in protecting our city,” said Lakewood Vice Mayor Todd Rogers in presenting Deputies Simpkins and Cadman with Certificates of Recognition.