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City steps up safe driving enforcement

City steps up safe driving enforcement

To address increased reports of unsafe driving on local streets, Lakewood City Council Members recently approved funding 96 hours a month of additional Sheriff’s Deputy time focused on safe driving enforcement. This is on top of a full-time deputy already dedicated to that priority.

The additional 96 hours of deputy time has yielded significant results, with 189 citations written in one recent month.

Tickets were written most frequently for:
• Unsafe speed
• Running stop signs
• Unsafe turns
• Cell phone use
• Dropping children off at school on the traffic side of the vehicle

Enforcement locations rotate, but the most frequent ones are:
• Carson Street @ Nectar Avenue
• Del Amo Boulevard @ Paramount Boulevard
• Lakewood Boulevard @ South Street
• Paramount Boulevard @ Cover Street
• South Street @ Palo Verde Avenue
• Cherry Cove area

“The city gets very little revenue from traffic tickets, especially after court fees and deducting the costs of extra deputy time,” said City Manager Thaddeus McCormack. “The reason the city makes the extra effort is not for revenue but to create safer driving conditions for our residents.”