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For over 35 years, Lakewood’s CityTV has been creating interesting, informative and entertaining programming for the local community. Along with Lakewood City Council meetings, CityTV presents programs about the history of Lakewood, city services and public safety tips.

The magazine program Community Digest focuses on local events, and stories about residents and businesses in town. You can learn to cook up some fun with the gang at Café 5050, CityTV’s cooking show. Documentary programs like Ribbons of Concrete offer insight into how the Southern California freeway system evolved into the transit challenges we face in the future. 

Watch Lakewood CityTV streaming live at or on channel 31 on FiOS TV and Spectrum Cable and channel 99 on AT&T.

You can also see CityTV programs in many Lakewood Connect eMagazines or at the video library on the webpage above. There, you can find dozens of Lakewood programs presenting historic video images and interviews with longtime residents recounting the days when Lakewood sprung up in the 1950s as America’s largest planned community of the era.

April is "History" month featuring CityTV's many videos about Lakewood's origins. In May, CityTV presents "Suburbia Month” and features CityTV's award-winning documentary "How the Suburbs Happened." 

Visit and “LIKE” the page to keep up with the latest City TV productions.