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Keep pets safe during the holidays

Keep pets safe during the holidays

1. Watch the decorations. Be sure cords and candles are out of reach. Remember poinsettias, holly, mistletoe and many other holiday plants can be toxic to dogs or cats.

2. Wrap it up...with care. Beautifully wrapped gifts can have bells, ribbons, small toys and other items that add festive decor but can be choking hazards for your pet.

3. Don't overindulge. Good advice for humans and especially for pets. Overfeeding can upset their digestive system and compromise their health. Also, rich holiday foods such as buttery foods, nuts, candy and chocolate can all be toxic. Keep your pets on a regular schedule with their regular food.

4. No paws on the bubbly. Pets and alcohol don't mix; it can make them very sick.

5. Minimize the surprise. Rather than giving a pet as a gift, instead let the recipient choose a pet that suits them and their lifestyle at the right time. Wrap up a gift card and an item the new pet can use. Pets deserve forever homes; adoptions made with care are more likely to be permanent.