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Lakewood HS grad makes major league debut

Lakewood HS grad makes major league debut

Lakewood High School 2013 alumnus J.P. Crawford made his major league baseball debut with the Philadelphia Phillies on September 5, and his parents were able to fly out to Philadelphia on one-day’s notice to see their son play his first game under the big lights.

J.P. got a single and scored a run in his first game. You can see the hit and an interview with his proud parents here.

J.P.’s batting .256 with four doubles in 43 at bats and has played second, third and shortstop since being called up from the minors. J.P. was drafted 16th overall in the 2013 MLB draft by the Phillies and has been considered one of the team’s top prospects while he’s developing in the minors. J.P. had an amazing sports career at Lakewood High School that included batting .452 in his senior year, being named the Moore League MVP, and being recognized as Athlete of the Year by the Lakewood Youth Sports Hall of Fame. See the Lakewood CityTV 2013 Hall of Fame video here.

Lakewood athletes at the top level of their sports include Dodger Justin Turner, Mets catcher Travis d'Arnaud, and Houston Rockets point guard James Hardin. Lakewood was named Sportstown USA by Sports Illustrated magazine in 2004 and has been named a Playful City USA eight times.