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Anti-contracting bill--harmful to Lakewood--advances in Sacramento

Anti-contracting bill--harmful to Lakewood--advances in Sacramento

Assembly Bill 1250 would make it very hard and very costly for cities, including Lakewood, to contract for services.

Lakewood is famous from its incorporation in 1954 for creating the "contract city" model of local government where cities have the option of contracting with businesses, contracting with county agencies, or employing local city staff to provide the full range of municipal services. Lakewood and many other cities in California have found this model provides the most cost-effective and flexible way to deliver high-quality service to residents.

AB 1250 seems designed to require cities to instead hire more city staff to carry out services in the future (even services used only intermittently), or to conduct new, costly studies prior to using private sector contractors. Either way, many cities fear that the end result will be higher costs and a potential reduction in service to residents or an increase in local fees and taxes. AB 1250 has already been approved by one committee in the Assembly and is presently being considered by the Committee on Appropriations in the Assembly.

For more information, you can see the actual bill here, and see the analysis and alert that the City of Lakewood sent to state legislators at

To express your opinion on AB 1250 to Lakewood's elected representatives in Sacramento before the bill is passed, you can contact the following:
Assembly Member (and Speaker of the Assembly) Anthony Rendon - 916-319-2063
Senator Ricardo Lara - 916-651-4033
Senator Tony Mendoza - 916-651-4032
Governor Jerry Brown - 916-445-2841