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Big "THANK YOU" for Volunteer Day

Big "THANK YOU" for Volunteer Day

“On behalf of my city council colleagues and the residents of Lakewood, I want to thank everyone who helped out on this year’s Volunteer Day on April 22,” said Mayor Diane DuBois. “The volunteer spirit in Lakewood is a big part of what makes us a strong, caring community.”  

Those helped by the volunteers included disabled, senior and other Lakewood neighbors who because of physical or economic hardship were unable to take care of the difficult circumstances their property faced.

Volunteers ranged in age from six to 66. Helping out were an estimated 500 people, including members from community organizations, churches, school teams, scouts, business people, and volunteer city crews. 

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The 33 volunteer groups contributed time and energy to improving 25 private homes and four public sites, including the garden area of Monroe Elementary School and one of the Little League fields at Rynerson Park. The industrious volunteers planted, weeded and cleaned. They removed overgrown vegetation and trimmed trees. They replanted flower beds, painted porches and window sills, and generally assisted Lakewood homeowners in need.

DuBois and other council members toured various sites throughout the morning, thanking individuals and groups. The city sponsored a picnic at the end of the morning for all the volunteers.