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Sheriff's deputies thank Lakewood residents

Sheriff's deputies thank Lakewood residents

This past holiday season, the City of Lakewood ran two news stories about Lakewood Sheriff’s deputies. One was about several deputies receiving Awards of Valor from the city for meritorious service and actions that safeguarded the well-being of residents. The second story was about deputies putting up Christmas decorations at the family home of a slain colleague...for the 14th straight year since his killing in 2002.

Lakewood residents responded enthusiastically to the stories, with dozens of people posting supportive comments on the city’s Facebook page. The city put a sample of the comments on a large posterboard and delivered it to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station so deputies could see the signs of appreciation from Lakewood residents.

"I want to send out a big 'thank you' to Lakewood residents for the support they've shown our deputies," said Lakewood Sheriff's Station Captain Allen Castellano. "We are very proud to be part of and to serve this caring and appreciative community."

Captain Castellano (third from the right in the photo above) is shown with Lakewood Station personnel in front of the posterboard.

Close-up of the posterboard is shown below.

Facebook posts of appreciation for sheriffs