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Lakewood Veterans History website now live

Lakewood Veterans History website now live

Lakewood's Veterans History Project website is now live at The website's purpose is to tell the stories of Lakewood-connected veterans and active-duty military service members, including those whose names appear on the commemorative bricks at the Veterans Memorial Plaza in Del Valle Park.

The public is invited to submit stories and photos of Lakewood-connected veterans. You can do so at the website address above, or by calling Joanne Teran at 562-866-9771, extension 3123 for help if you don’t have Internet access. More directions are at the bottom of this story.

At the city’s 2016 Memorial Day ceremony, Mayor Ron Piazza announced the new project to honor veterans by sharing their stories digitally for generations to come. "This Veterans History Project--just like the memorial and commemorative bricks—will help Lakewood maintain our community value of remembering and honoring all those who have put their lives on the line in service to our country," said Piazza.

"On our Lakewood Veterans website, which you can access from a computer or even from a smartphone while you’re at the memorial, the stories of our veterans will be told for generations to come,” said Piazza.

There is also a page on the site dedicated to “The Boys of Del Valle Park,” including the poem, a video, and the photos and personal history of the young people of early Lakewood who gave their lives during the Vietnam War.

Visitors may also order a commemorative brick for a Lakewood-connected veteran, and view the brick locator map of the current installation.

The public is invited to complete a short online form with details about their veteran's service and submit a picture. A website page will then be created for each veteran's story so visitors to the memorial can learn about the veterans honored there.

If you would like to tell the story of a Lakewood-connected veteran or active-duty service member close to you, visit the Veterans History Project website at and click on the "Submit a Story" tab. You can review the information needed to complete the online form and upload a photo of the veteran there.

You can also download a flyer and worksheet at that page for details on the information you need to prepare, and guidelines for selecting and scanning a photo of your veteran.  Flyers and worksheets are also available at the Public Information Department in city hall.

If you don't have Internet access, or need assistance, help is available. You can schedule an appointment to bring your information and photo to the Weingart Senior Center on pre-arranged dates and times. A volunteer will complete the online form for you and scan and upload the photo. 

To find out about appointment dates and times or with other questions about the Veterans History Project, please call Joanne Teran in Lakewood’s Community Relations Office at 562-866-9771, extension 3123 or email her at