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Improved streetlights coming to Lakewood

Improved streetlights coming to Lakewood

Energy-efficient LED streetlights will be installed along most Lakewood streets over the next six months. The overhead streetlights will have the same brightness as current models, but will have a clearer, more natural light to them that is less yellow than the current lights. The fixtures will also be more modern looking.  Photo: LED lights are on the left, current lights on the right.

Another good result for Lakewood residents is that the new lights will use 50% less energy than current models. That means significant cost savings. Installation costs will be fully paid in about six years, and after that the city will save about $160,000 a year over current energy costs. The new lights will also reduce green house gas emissions associated with energy production.

The installation will start in mid-June as work crews move through the city, street by street, swapping out 5,400 streetlights over a six-month period. Each light fixture takes about 15 minutes to swap out. The work trucks will say MSL Electric, which is a company that has worked in Lakewood before on lighting projects. City Light & Power, Lakewood’s street lighting contractor, has hired MSL to perform the LED conversion. 

The city owns about 75% of the streetlights in Lakewood. These are the lights currently being modernized. Southern California Edison owns the other 25% of streetlights (mainly in the Mayfair Tract area), and the city has been in discussions to encourage Edison to also modernize its share of streetlights.