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Council Recap: Council grills Frontier reps

Council Recap: Council grills Frontier reps

At its Tuesday evening meeting, Lakewood City Council Members asked a series of probing questions of Frontier Communications representatives about outages and customer service problems that have occurred in Lakewood and other cities across California since Frontier took over Verizon telephone, TV and Internet services on April 1. 

Council Members talked about the many Lakewood residents who have come to them in frustration over service problems, and council members even talked about problems they have experienced with their own Frontier residential service.

Frontier apologized for the poor transition, and said that it has added over 4,000 new customer service agents at call centers in the U.S., where the company now directs most calls instead of its previous overseas call centers. The company said service quality and speed have improved at its 24-hour customer service number 800-921-8101. 

Frontier encouraged Lakewood customers experiencing ongoing service problems to email its Western Regional President Melinda White at to get problems escalated for a solution.

Also attending the council meeting were representatives from the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) who came at the direction of Lakewood’s Assembly Member, Anthony Rendon.

PUC representatives explained that it has limited oversight of Internet and voice-over-Internet companies like Frontier. Lakewood council members expressed frustration that the state government had taken such regulatory jurisdiction away from local governments like Lakewood in recent years and was now not carrying out proper oversight.

Lakewood council members invited residents to contact Lakewood city hall customer service staff if they are not getting a resolution from Frontier. City staff can be reached at 562-866-9771, extension 2140 or