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Watering rules relaxed

Watering rules relaxed

Thanks to heavy winter storms in Northern California and lots of conservation across California, the state water board has reduced the amount of conservation that communities need to achieve in the months ahead and given local water agencies greater flexibility to set their own conservation rules.

Because of Lakewood’s past conservation success and because Lakewood’s water supplies are in good shape with at least a three-year supply on hand, the Lakewood water department  recommended that specific limits be lifted on the days and amount of time that customers can water. The Lakewood City Council approved that recommendation at its meeting on May 24.

The new rules go into effect June 1. This means Lakewood customers will be allowed to water any day of the week and for any length of time, providing there is not significant water run-off from the property on to hardscape.

State prohibitions continue against hosing down driveways, sidewalks and hardscape, or hand washing a car, except with a bucket or hose with a shut-off nozzle. State rules also continue to prohibit irrigating within 48 hours after measurable rain. Customers are encouraged to still be water-wise by using high-efficiency rotor sprinklers, drip irrigation and a hose with a shut-off nozzle.

“I want to thank Lakewood’s water customers for being such good conservers the past couple of years,” said Mayor Ron Piazza. “We surpassed the goals the state set for us, and it’s now put us in a position where we can relax a bit and help our landscaping and trees recover.”

“But it’s not an invitation to be wasteful,” said Piazza. “We don’t want to use more water than necessary, and we should all look for ways to continue to be water-wise and water-efficient.”

Details on the new water conservation rules are available at or customers can call 562-866-9771 extension 2140.

The City of Lakewood serves as the water utility for the portion of the city west of the San Gabriel River. The Golden State Water Co. serves as the water utility for the portion of the city east of the San Gabriel River. The new rules apply just to the City of Lakewood’s water service. 

Golden State is expected to update its rules for watering in the next few weeks and communicate them to customers. To learn about Golden State’s current and future rules, go to or call 800-999-4033.