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Survey is good in Lakewood

Survey is good in Lakewood

Lakewood residents continue to be positive about their community, with 95% of residents rating the city as an excellent or good place to live. Over 87% find Lakewood to be very safe or somewhat safe, and 85% rate Lakewood city government as excellent or good. Residents have consistently given positive ratings in these categories for over two decades.

These are among the key findings of a survey conducted late last year by the city and answered by 717 residents. The city advertised the survey in the Lakewood Community News, Lakewood Living magazine and the city’s e-Newsletter, and allowed residents to take it online or request a copy by mail. 

Residents were asked if there were any important issues facing Lakewood that they feel the city government should address. Nearly 56% said no or did not answer the question, with 17% listing crime as an issue of concern.

After many years of declining crime rates, communities across the region and the state have seen property crime trend upwards in the past few years. Many analysts have attributed the increase to the passage of state ballot initiative Prop 47, which has led to some burglars not doing jail time for their offenses. Lakewood city officials are lobbying state legislators to make changes to Prop 47. 

Lakewood residents and officials have a tradition of giving public safety a top priority. In recent years, Lakewood has invested in crime-fighting technology such as automated cameras that read license plates of vehicles driving through Lakewood in order to identify any that are wanted in connection with criminal activity. The “ASAP” system has led to the arrest of over 100 suspects since its installation. Lakewood also invests in a team of Special Assignment Officers from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department who target any emerging crime issues in the city. 

In terms of where residents get their news about Lakewood, 86% in the survey said they read Lakewood Living magazine frequently or sometimes; 77% read the Lakewood Community News; 75% read the city’s weekly Lakewood Connect eNewsletter; 67% read Facebook or other social media sites about Lakewood; and 39% read the Press-Telegram newspaper. 

Over 91% of residents say they are likely to remain in Lakewood for the next five years, and 91% also say they are likely to recommend living in Lakewood to someone who asks. 

If you did not get a chance to fill out the opinion survey but have a comment or question about services in Lakewood, feel free to email your thoughts to or call Lakewood’s customer service staff at 562-866-9771, extension 2140.