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Tips on how to recycle more at home

Tips on how to recycle more at home

Did you realize the following items can be recycled in your blue EDCO cart:

• Milk, juice, soy and other beverage and food cartons. This includes coffee to-go cups. (They do not require rinsing as long as they are empty.) Don’t recycle straws and plastic drink tops.
• Antifreeze, oil, plant food and herbicide containers.  Please be sure these are empty.
• Cleaning product and detergent containers, including those that held bleach, soap and drain cleaners.
• All glass and metal containers.
• Any plastic marked with the recycling symbol and the number 1 through 7.
• Mixed paper, including glossy magazines, junk mail and newspapers.
• Cardboard boxes.
• Styrofoam.

Items that cannot be recycled:

• Plastic grocery bags (including newspaper delivery bags) and plastic stretch film (like Saran Wrap) cannot be recycled.
• Ceramics, light bulbs, window glass, mirrors, wax paper, food-soiled paper, PVC pipe and vinyl siding cannot be recycled.

Click here for a short video about recycling your trash.

For more tips on Lakewood’s trash and recycling, go to or call 562-866-9771, extension 2140.