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Memorial Day in photos, video coverage and time-lapse segment

Memorial Day in photos, video coverage and time-lapse segment

Lakewood’s tradition of bringing community life to pictures and video was evident at this year’s special Memorial Day.

The Lakewood Community Gallery features photos of the morning and evening Memorial Day events that saw an estimated 7,000 guests commemorate Lakewood’s newly renovated Veterans Memorial Plaza and honor the men and women who have died serving our nation.

Lakewood CityTV compiled video coverage of the entire morning event, which can be viewed here. It can also be viewed on channel 31 on Time Warner and Verizon FiOS.Click here for the channel’s schedule and live stream.

A special time-lapse video offers a look at the Del Valle jet’s return and assembly. It then goes on to show both special Memorial Day events from its unique time-lapse perspective. Click for special time-lapse segment.

Many in attendance had purchased one or more of 1,500 engraved bricks, featuring the name of veterans and Lakewood community members and groups. Bricks can still be purchased and installed later this year. Click for online order form and click for FAQs.

Mementos commemorating Lakewood's Veterans Memorial Plaza and the return of the Del Valle jet plane can be purchased at