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Video: Nature Trail opens!

Video: Nature Trail opens!

A  CityTV video is online about the opening of the third and final section of the Lakewood Nature Trail along the San Gabriel River.

The Lakewood Nature Trail runs along the west side of the San Gabriel River opened on Saturday, April 11. The half-mile addition runs from Candlewood Street south to Del Amo Boulevard, where it meets up with the existing one-mile trail that extends south to Carson Street.


Lakewood residents gathered with Lakewood City Council Members on Saturday for a first walk of the trail. Above, Mayor Jeff Wood and residents officially cut the ribbon opening the trail. The trail will be open every day from sunrise to sunset. A trail brochure and map can be found here.

"Our trail has flora and fauna that you would have seen in abundance in our region 100 years ago," said Mayor Wood on opening day, "but many have been pushed out by non-native species or loss of habitat in the years since. We've reintroduced them now on the trail and given residents the chance to see a little bit of what Lakewood and our region used to look like....and what we can still look like, when we take the time and effort to do so."

“Our Nature Trail is enjoyed regularly by hundreds of Lakewood residents who relax--walking or jogging--through its native habitat,” said Wood. “As I hope you’ll experience yourself as you walk the trail, getting into a natural setting like this can be very relaxing and very inspiring—and it’s a wonderful thing to have close by in your own neighborhood and community.

“The City of Lakewood didn’t do all of this on our own.  We had a lot of partners, and we got a lot of help. On behalf of the Lakewood City Council and really our entire community, I want to thank the State of California Natural Resources Agency, Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, and the Los Angeles County Open Space District.”

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