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CityTV: All Lakewood, all the time

CityTV: All Lakewood, all the time

For 31 years, CityTV has created video programming for and about Lakewood. Milestones include cablecasting city council meetings, the Cafe 5050 cooking show and Community Digest—a magazine-style program focusing on Lakewood activities and events.

Specialty programs inform viewers about issues facing Lakewood, explain city services, educate about crime prevention, and tell the city’s history.

Now showing on CityTV: “How the Suburbs Happened”

With rarely-seen archival film footage and interviews, this program explores the history of the Los Angeles basin to answer the question why the communities of the region look the way they do. Written by Lakewood’s Historian Emeritus, Donald Waldie, “How the Suburbs Happened” shows the evolution of the greater Los Angeles area along the trails, railways and freeways that carried Angelenos to their new homes, dispersing across a region with many centers and with today’s uniformly dense and urbanized form.

Wrongly criticized as “sprawl,” this pattern of 19th and 20th century development was literally built to the landscape of Los Angeles from its earliest days.

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