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Low-cost auto insurance offered by State of CA

Low-cost auto insurance offered by State of CA

If you have a driver’s license and drive a vehicle, state law requires that you have auto insurance. It's the right thing for you, and it is the responsible thing to do to protect your fellow drivers. The state government is now sponsoring a program to make basic auto insurance more affordable, helping more people drive responsibly and legally.

For basic liability coverage, annual premiums in this new state program range from $241 to $556--that's only $20 to $47 a month! Qualifying drivers must have a valid CA driver’s license; own a vehicle valued at less than $25,000; be at least 19 years old; and meet income eligibility requirements, which range from a maximum income of $29,700 for an individual to $60,750 for a family of four.

To protect yourself and your passengers, you may also purchase Optional Uninsured Motorist coverage ranging from $33 to $69 annually and Optional Medical Payment coverage from $23 to $37 annually.

For more information, go to the state website at or call 866-602-8861.