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Lakewood’s history online

Lakewood’s history online

Lakewood’s history has been updated, expanded and illustrated and is now online at the city’s website at

The new history pages are accompanied by an online gallery of nearly 200 annotated photographs – many never before published – drawn from the city’s archives. Other online galleries highlight Lakewood’s original residents, the Pan American festival, Lakewood’s veterans, and nostalgic “then and now” photographs that reveal the changing face of Lakewood.

The new history pages are based on “The Lakewood Story: History, Traditions, and Values” originally published in 2004 and online since 2005. New research for “The Lakewood Story” has provided additional details of the city’s early days. The inclusion of oral history interviews brings the everyday life of Lakewood in the 1950s into greater focus. Updating the city’s history also has brought new perspectives on the challenges that face a 21st century Lakewood.

The new format allows for easy searching of “The Lakewood Story,” of particular benefit to high school and college students. The online history is illustrated with more than 200 photographs and drawings. There are nostalgic images of “Giganta the robot” from Mae Boyar Park, shoppers on opening day at the May Company in 1952, the building of the Lakewood Youth Center and Pan American festival events.

The Lakewood Story was only one part of the history project for Waldie, who spent nearly two years researching, cataloging and digitizing the city’s archives.