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Use your meter to save

Use your meter to save

Lakewood’s Water Resources Department wants residents to know they can use their water meter as a tool to check to see if their home is “water tight.” By following some simple steps homeowners can test for hidden leaks that waste water and then track them down and fix them.

The steps in the linked PDF show how a typical Lakewood water meter can alert homeowners to a water line or toilet leak. If a leak is suspected, doing a bit of investigative work can help save water and money by identifying the issue prior to calling a plumber and save consumers even more time, money and WATER.

Click for the more detailed PDF for added tips on using your water meter to save water and find leaks. It includes a worksheet.

If you have questions about this article, please call the Lakewood Water Resources Department at 562-866-9771, extension 2700.

Lakewood is served by two water utilities: The Golden State Water Company and the City of Lakewood. Residents who live east of the San Gabriel River are served by Golden State Water Company. Call them at 800-999-4033 or by email.