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Drive-up COVID-19 tests available by appointment in Lakewood

Drive-up COVID-19 tests available by appointment in Lakewood

Lakewood residents now can get a COVID-19 test at local CVS Minute Clinics. The tests are free and you can get rapid-result testing results within 30 minutes. COVID-19 lab testing returns results within two to four days.

MinuteClinic performs a PCR test, which tests for active infections only. They do not administer antibody tests, which indicate whether the patient has been infected in the past.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the CVS MinuteClinic COVID-19 testing site
  • Enter your zip code to confirm locations near you.
  • Answer a few questions to see if you qualify for COVID-19 testing. Those without symptoms or not in vulnerable populations may not qualify at this time.
  • Select a test site and available time. Fill out the registration form.
  • For your appointment, bring proof of identity and in-state residence, as well as your test confirmation email or text message. Be sure to have your mobile phone with you. If you have insurance, bring the information with you. If you do not have insurance, bring your state ID and Social Security number.
  • Upon arrival, stay in your car and follow the posted instructions at the site.
  • You will follow instructions to perform your own nasal swab.

Read the FAQs at for more information.