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City Hall update: Visitor entrance now on Clark Avenue side

City Hall update: Visitor entrance now on Clark Avenue side

Lakewood City Hall has been open for in-person service since mid-June, when a health screening table and check-in service booth was set outside the northeast doors.

Now that cooler weather is coming, the city has moved the check-in process inside City Hall near the west entrance off Clark Avenue.

If you just want to drop off a water or trash payment, you can use the box located outside the Clark Avenue entrance, which is checked throughout the day by city staff. And most city services can still be carried out very effectively over the phone or online, which we still encourage you to do as the coronavirus pandemic is still with us. City phone numbers and online services are available at

But for those who wish to come into City Hall for in-person assistance, here is our new check-in process.

Floor decal reminding people to wear a face coveringENTER/EXIT

You should park in the Clark Avenue parking lot and enter (and exit) through the main lobby door there.

Be sure to wear a cloth face covering at all times and practice physical distancing while in line.


Upon entrance to City Hall through the west doors, all visitors must pass a brief health screening process, which includes:

  • Health assessment questions

  • Temperature check

  • Use of a face covering and hand sanitizer

When you pass the health screening, you’ll proceed to be checked in. If you do not pass the health screening, you will be offered a flyer of city services you can conduct over the phone or online and must exit the building immediately. 

You can see the flyer here.


Once you've passed the health screening, staff will ask for your name, cell number or email address, and the nature of your visit. This information will be entered into a new online reservation system that will alert the appropriate department that you are in line.

You’ll be asked to wait in the designated waiting area inside, or you can go outside or return to your car to wait. 

Families or other groups of visitors will be asked to wait outside, so as to allow plenty of social distancing in the waiting area. When called to receive service, only one person per group can come inside, unless there is a childcare issue. In that case, children may accompany their parent or guardian. 

When the department is ready to serve you, you will receive a text message or email. If you do not have a phone or device that receives text messages or emails, staff will call for you by name in the waiting area.

Please note:Floor clings remind visitors to practice social distancing

We are not allowing people inside City Hall just to use the restroom. Screened visitors who have business with the city may use the restroom.

We look forward to serving you, whether in person, online at, or by phone at 562-866-9771.