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LA Times gives rave review to Lakewood restaurant

LA Times gives rave review to Lakewood restaurant

In probably a first for a Lakewood eatery, a Los Angeles Times food critic has ventured to our city to try a creative, cross-cultural taco restaurant that’s been getting rave reviews on Yelp.

The Times food critic gave the restaurant a very positive write-up, focusing on items like its burnt cheese taco (photo: Los Angeles Times), which is “Monterey Jack cheese molded into a chalupa-shaped taco shell, filled to bursting with charred, blistery nubs of carne asada, or maybe a fibrous tangle of braised carnitas.”

The article also explains how its Cambodian-American chef Beeline Krouch, came up with the restaurant name “Chinitos Tacos” and how his cooking pulls from Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian flavors and uses them in Mexican tacos and his own creations.

Give Chinitos your own taste test at 11130 Del Amo Blvd. (on the south side of Del Amo just west of the 605). Visit them online at

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