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Arrests made by Lakewood Sheriffs for illegal fireworks sales

Arrests made by Lakewood Sheriffs for illegal fireworks sales

The Lakewood Sheriff’s “Special Assignment Officers” (SAO) team is engaging in undercover operations to arrest and cite the sellers of illegal fireworks. In recent days, four people have been arrested for felony counts of illegal fireworks sales in Lakewood. The undercover operation will be continuing in the days leading up to July 4th.

The undercover operation is part of Lakewood’s stepped-up effort to reduce the use of illegal fireworks in Lakewood. These fireworks, which include skyrockets, firecrackers and explosives, have been linked to house fires in Lakewood and hundreds of amputations and injuries across the nation every year, with over 30% of injuries occurring to children.

On July 4th, extra patrols of Deputy Sheriffs will hit the streets of Lakewood looking for users of illegal fireworks. They will issue citations with fines that can total over $2,000.

If you think someone is planning to sell or use illegal fireworks, or know of a location that regularly uses illegal fireworks, call Lakewood City Hall's Illegal Fireworks Tipline at 562-866-9771, extension 7233 or email before July 4th.

If you observe the sale or use of illegal fireworks, including on July 4th, call the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station at 562-623-3500 immediately!

Please include:

• the exact address of the residence suspected of possessing and/or discharging illegal fireworks, or at least the cross street or block (the most detailed information possible is best) where the activity is happening.
• as much information as possible about the person suspected of selling illegal fireworks, their location and the violation.

Your name will remain confidential and the sooner you report this information, the better. If Deputy Sheriffs know of illegal fireworks parties in advance, that provides the best opportunity to prevent the fireworks from being used and keeping everyone in the neighborhood safe.

Undischarged illegal fireworks can be forfeited to the Lakewood Sheriff's Station or any Los Angeles County Fire Station.