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City shows appreciation to 9-1-1 Operators

City shows appreciation to 9-1-1 Operators

The County of Los Angeles employs a team of 9-1-1 Operators at the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station to field 9-1-1 calls from Lakewood and nearby cities.

9-1-1 Operators have a stressful job, talking with residents who themselves are in very stressful and sometimes emergency situations.

Because 9-1-1 Operators work behind the scenes, they rarely get the public appreciation that other members of the public safety community receive. 

To show Lakewood’s 9-1-1 Operators that their daily work for Lakewood residents is appreciated, Lakewood city officials recently visited the Sheriff’s Station, met with 9-1-1 Operators on various shifts, and provided them with a pizza lunch and a lot of thanks. 

Pictured above are Lakewood 9-1-1 Operators Evonne Troung (left) and Leah James.