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Construction work at Lakewood Civic Center

Construction work at Lakewood Civic Center

Construction will begin on April 12 to remove the concrete fountain and blocks that comprise the “urban stream” in front of The Centre.

That water-theme area has not been used in several years for water conservation reasons and has become a safety hazard that must be cordoned off when the city holds events in front of The Centre, such as the now annual Tree Lighting event.

The area will be returned to a flat concrete surface that will create more usable space for public events in the plaza.

Construction will also include the first phase of the redesign and relocation of the Pillars of Community that honor the Legends of Lakewood. The Pillars have been located in the Civic Center Plaza in front of The Centre for the past 15 years.

In 2004, to help commemorate Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary, the city installed three large glass pillars in the Civic Center Plaza in front of The Centre. The Pillars of Community used a creative artistic design that displayed photos and descriptions of the people and institutions that have been named as Legends of Lakewood. The Pillars light up glowingly at night and are quite visible to drivers along Clark Avenue.

Unfortunately, the Pillars are also quite subject to the ravages of sunlight and the elements and, over the past 15 years, the photos and images on the Pillars have faded noticeably. Some glass panels are also showing cracks and signs of stress, creating a safety problem.

The city will be transforming the photos and information on the Pillars into a new creative art piece that will be housed more safely and lastingly inside The Centre.

There are several advantages to being located in the lobby inside The Centre. First, the new art piece won’t degrade from the outside elements. Second, many more residents will be able to see and enjoy the art piece there. Third, the new artistic format will include video screens that will create additional and flexible ways to tell the story of the Legends of Lakewood and the Lakewood community in the years ahead.

The first step in the installation of the new Legends of Lakewood artistic display is to remove the existing deteriorating Pillars, which will take place as part of the construction work in April.