News Details's not a tiny new house along Del Amo Boulevard's not a tiny new house along Del Amo Boulevard

The new stormwater capture system at Bolivar Park includes a small 10’ x 14’ windowless building that contains equipment for sending stormwater from the flood control channel to the new reservoir under Bolivar Park.

To make that building more attractive and to fit into the neighborhood, the city designed a plastic wrap to go around the building and make it look like a Lakewood-style house.

The graphic wrap was installed on September 10.

Work continues on the final adjustments to the Bolivar stormwater project. The grass field north of the swimming pool is now looking better and is open for use. It will get re-seeded in the near future to look even better. The field will be closed during that re-seeding time. All three of the new picnic shelters installed at the park are now open for use. The most westerly shelter will be closed temporarily when the field next to it is re-seeded.