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Statistics show: Lakewood Center is very safe

Statistics show: Lakewood Center is very safe

Fewer crimes are committed at Lakewood Center per million annual visitors than at other shopping malls surveyed in the south Los Angeles County region.

An average of 19 crimes per 1 million visitors occurred at neighboring major shopping malls compared to only 13 crimes at Lakewood Center, based on statistics compiled for the first six months of 2018.

“Creating a safe environment at Lakewood Center is a priority for the City of Lakewood, and we’re glad the statistics bear out that our efforts in partnership with the mall and the Sheriff’s Department work,” said Mayor Steve Croft.

Steps that the City and Lakewood Center take in partnership to ensure safety:

• For over 10 years, the City and Lakewood Center have partnered to provide Sheriff’s deputies to patrol the center year-round.
• A one-of-a-kind “Safety Center” is a joint effort. The Safety Center is located with the mall’s own security office for maximum collaboration. The Safety Center, which is staffed by civilians, provides Live Scan fingerprinting and City information.
• While the specifics of the Lakewood Center security program are confidential, it has a highly trained and impressive team.
• Lakewood Center Security Officers go beyond securing Lakewood Center; they also provide valuable customer services. Most recently three Security Officers were celebrated for the life-saving measures performed on a guest at Lakewood Center. 
• The City has funded the installation and ongoing operation of high-speed license plate reading cameras around the perimeter of Lakewood Center, which has resulted in over 175 arrests since its installation in 2012.

“Lakewood Center has been extremely important to the economic health of our community since it opened as America’s largest shopping mall in the 1950s,” said Croft. “As the statistics show, Lakewood Center remains a very safe place to shop, and I hope Lakewood residents will continue to make it a place they feel comfortable to visit and to patronize for their personal benefit and for the economic betterment of our community.”