Standing City Council Committees

Lakewood City Council Committees

The Lakewood City Council utilizes a standing committee system. Standing Committees are formed to address continuing subject matter and are composed of two members of the city council.

The job of standing committees is to investigate and make preliminary studies of issues that are then referred to the entire city council for action.

The committees do not have fixed meeting days or times, but are convened when there is a business need.  In accordance with state law, agendas for meetings of any standing committee are posted on this web page and at the site of the meeting.

Audit Committee Agenda
File Name: Audit Committe Agenda 6-26-19.pdf
Revision Date: 6/26/2019
Public Safety Committee/License & Permit Hearing Board Agenda
File Name: Public Safety-LPHB Agenda - 7-11-19.pdf
Revision Date: 7/11/2019