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Lakewood Budget FY 2020-2022

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At their June 9, 2020 meeting, Lakewood City Council Members adopted a two-year balanced budget for Fiscal Years 2020-22, which starts on July 1, 2020. The budget maintains full funding for Lakewood city services across all program areas.

See the reader-friendly "budget at a glance" version. 

Or, see the PDF of Lakewood’s full budget document. (Please be patient when downloading this large document.)

Council and staff thanked residents for the trust they provided to the city with the passage of Measure L that allows Lakewood to retain full services for residents in spite of the current economic downturn. Council and staff also said that without Measure L, significant cuts in service would be under discussion now.

Lakewood’s budget remains balanced in its focus and priorities with almost equal spending on recreation and community services, public works and public safety (each constitute about 25% of the city budget).

One area of increased spending in the coming fiscal year will be the hiring of one full-time and two part-time civilian public safety staff who will expand outreach to residents, with more community meetings, Neighborhood Watch involvement, and support services that free up Deputy Sheriffs to spend more time on patrol and answering calls for service.